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Renewable energies

We have the solution

TEM’s speciality are optimal tailored products for heat pumps, thermal solar systems, solid fuel and pellet heating systems.

The TEM solar controllers combine proven technology with the latest findings in energy management. TEM system controllers can be easily integrated via the BUS – this prevents unnecessary switching on of auxiliary heating sources and measurably increases the efficiency of the entire system.

Whether air-water or brine-water, the TEM heat pump controllers can be easily adapted to the different types. They have defrost functions for air-water machines and cooling functions for all types. Electronic expansion valves can also be optionally controlled.

TEM biomass controllers with integrated combustion manager are available in different versions. From the simple heat consumption of a non-controllable wood stove, to the control and monitoring of a combustion process, up to the complex, fully automatic operation of a pellet boiler with fuel supply and cleaning functions.

Touch remote control with integrated web server, as well as data logger and smartphone operation, are also part of the scope of services.

Erneuerbare Energien

Renewable energies
Our speciality are specifically tailored products for heat pumps, thermal solar systems, firewood and pellet heating systems.

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