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TEM control technology

Control systems for HVAC.

TEM develops and produces electronics, hardware and software for control technology, in particular for heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. TEM has its own product range, but also offers customized solutions: From software or hardware adaptations to special design requirements.

An optimally functioning heating system can be very complex: Several mixed heating circuits, different heat requirements of the individual devices, buffer storage tank configuration, solar energy supply, ecological and economic conditions. TEM started developing universally applicable heating controllers as early as the 1980s. The core of these system controllers is a unique heat management concept that determines the heat requirements of the appliances and provides the necessary heat capacity taking into account different heat sources. Despite complex functionality, TEM system controllers are easy to operate. Numerous accessories to support the installer also simplify installation and operation.

TEM is one of the know-how leaders in the HVAC industry and has significantly shaped and influenced that industry. This was only possible through continuous in-house research and development. TEM works in a network with technical universities, manufacturers of heating systems and challenging end-users.

As a pioneer, TEM already developed the first solar controllers at the beginning of the 1990s. In the meantime, we offer an extensive range of solar controllers that can integrate thermal solar energy into the heating system, either individually or in combination with other controllers. Highly developed heat management and optimized control strategies ensure that the efficiency of TEM controllers is among the best on the market.

TEM produces high quality solid fuel boiler controllers. Maximum comfort with minimum energy usage is the main focus. TEM offers boiler manufacturers various solutions that are optimally tailored to the specific situation. Tailor-made products and best quality are the prerequisites for an optimal heating system.

Please contact us at any time for further questions. We are the specialists in the area of control and measurement technology and we are glad to help you.

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Product groups TEM control technology

Solar controllers

The solar controllers from TEM are used to control from simple to complex thermo solar systems.

Solarregler Header TEM
  • Can be integrated into TEM heat management
  • Preprogrammed hydraulic applications
  • 0-10 V or PWM signal for high efficiency pumps
  • Remote access + data logging with module RC 7020
System controllers

The heating system controllers from TEM for complex heating systems with several heat appliances.

Systemregler Header TEM
  • Preprogrammed hydraulic applications
  • Up to 8 heat generator
  • Up to 24 heating circuits
  • Multilingual text display
Heat pump controllers

The heat pump controllers from TEM to control the complete refrigerant circuit and hydraulics.

Wärmepumpen-Controller Header TEM
  • One controller for all heat pump types
  • Characteristic diagram for optimal operation
  • Heat pumps cascadable up to 8 units
  • Superheat control/EVI (up to 2 electric valves)
Biomass controllers

The TEM biomass controllers are designed to manage the complete combustion process.

Biomassecontroller von TEM
  • Automatetd control of the fuel feeding system
  • Automatic firing
  • Lambda sensor
  • Can be combined with other TEM system controllers
Heating controllers

The TEM boiler controllers control the burner and the flue gas fan.

Heizungsregler Header TEM
  • Control of all system relevant components
  • Boiler cascade up to 8 boilers possible
  • Boiler protection functions
  • Suitable for oil-gas boilers
Fresh water controller

The fresh water controller from TEM is used for regulation of domestic fresh water stations.

Frischwasserregler Header
  • Cascadable up to 5 fresh water stations
  • Premix control and thermal disinfection
  • Central/decentral circulation pump
  • Sequence change for cascade systems

DOMOTESTA are individually adaptable heating and heat pump controllers.

Domotesta Header
  • Preprogrammed applications
  • MODBUS capable
  • Free inputs and outputs can be used
  • Increasing the life time of heat pumps

ECONESTA are freely parameterisable system controllers for heating and heat pump applications.

Econesta Header TEM
  • Applications can be created individually
  • MODBUS-/BACnet capable
  • Different sensor characteristics
  • SW modules for additional programming
Sensors and accessories

A wide range of sensors and system accessories complete the TEM range.

Zubehör und Fühler Header TEM
  • Interfaces
  • Remote Controls
  • Sensors
  • Wide range of accessories
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