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Fresh water controller

Adaptable and preprogrammed.

This fresh water controller is specially pre-programmed for the control and regulation of fresh water systems. You can select from predefined hydraulic applications via the menu. With additional options that can be activated, the system can be adapted to suit the system conditions.

The large LCD display is backlit and shows the hydraulic application. The system statuses and information on temperature and flow rate can be requested. The active actuators are animated.

In addition to the controlling of the fresh water station, the fresh water controller has many additional features integrated. For example: Tap support by circulation pump, protection functions against cooling down, legionella protection, reheating functions, cascading and much more.

The spacious terminal box eases installation. The control plate is mounted after installation and is thus protected from dirt or damage during the entire installation process.

Are you interested in our fresh water controller? Please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Fresh water controller from TEM

ES 5941 FW

The ES 5941 FW is a controller for operating fresh water stations.

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Intelligent control of the pump
  • eBUS communication to other controllers
  • Data sheet ES 5941 FW (PDF)
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