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Heat pump controllers

Ideal for heat pump manufacturers.

The TEM heat pump controllers are specific controllers for heat pumps. The controller controls water-water, air-water and brine-water heat pumps and the complete cooling circuit, regulates a mixed heating circuit and a direct heating circuit for heating and cooling operations, as well as a hot water circuit with circulation pump. The controllers have defrost functions for air-water machines and cooling functions for all types.

Up to 7 additional heating circuit controllers, each with 2 heating circuits and one hot water circuit can be integrated via eBUS.

The operation is carried out via the master remote control unit. The master remote control unit is the central control unit with which all individual functions available in the devices can be programmed and set. There is one setting level for the end user and two coded levels for the heating engineer and heat pump manufacturer. Additional remote controls can also be connected for each heating circuit.

Via the RC 7020 the data of the connected TEM controllers can be accessed with a PC with internet browser. This is ideal for setting up or maintenance, as well as data recording, viewing and changing controller data including time programs.

A wide number of accessories completes the range: master remote controls, additional remote controls, remote thermostats and simple temperature sensors.

Are you interested in our heat pump controllers? We will be glad to help you.

Product brochure heat pump controller TEM (PDF)

Heat pump controllers from TEM

SE 6024 WPC

The SE 6024 WPC is a universally applicable heat pump controller.

SE6024 TEM
  • Control of 2-stage heat pumps
  • Single stage auxiliary heat generator
  • Buffer management, energy management and more
  • Data sheet SE 6024 WPC (PDF)
SE 6035 WPC

The SE 6035 WPC is a universal heat pump controller with integrated superheat control.

Wärmepumpe 6035 WPC
  • Control of modulating heat pumps
  • Single stage auxiliary heat generator
  • Superheat control, buffer management and more
  • Data sheet SE 6035 WPC (PDF)
SE 6304 OGZ

The SE6304 OGZ is suitable for expansion with additional heating circuits.

MB 6102 / MB 6402

Master remote controls for programming and operating the SE devices.

MB 6100 TEM
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