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Heating controllers

Comfortable, adaptable solutions.

TEM offers comfortable, easy-to-use solutions that can be optimally tailored to the specific requirements of each situation. Because easy-to-use products and best quality are the prerequisites for an effective heating system. TEM heating controllers are available from simple outside-temperatur control of the flow temperature to system controllers that can be flexibly adjusted to the system requirements.

The TEM controllers are available in different versions, as boiler control panel, built-in controller or in a wall mounted housing. The controllers can be used for controlling heating circuits, 1- or 2-stage or modulating boiler control. They also serve as system controllers for the control and regulation of up to two heat sources, two mixed heating circuits, one domestic hot water circuit and a simple solar system. The systems can be expanded by adding slave controllers.

The various versions, from the basic heating controller with outside temperature control to system controllers with integrated heat management for multi-stage and modulating heat sources, with buffer tank functionality, solar and solid fuel integration, are ideally qualified as replacement devices.

Are you interested in our heating controllers? We will be glad to help you.

Product brochure heating controller TEM (PDF)

Heating controllers from TEM

IT 5711

The IT 5711 is a compact control panel for controlling the heat generator and consumption.

IT5711 TEM
  • With device fuse
  • 7 TEM eBUS heating circuit controllers can be added
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Data sheet IT 5711 (PDF)
PM 2975

The PM 2975 is a built-in controller with integrated energy management.

PM2970 TEM
  • Maximum 7 heating circuit controllers
  • Operation via two rotary knobs
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Data sheet PM 2975 (PDF)
PM 2970

The PM 2970 is a weather-compensated heating controller.

PM2970 TEM
  • Hot water function and boiler modulated
  • Remote control or thermostat connectable
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Data sheet PM 2970 (PDF)
SR 5810

The SR 5810 is a digital room thermostat with OpenTherm two-wire connection.

SR5800 TEM
  • Energy-saving room temperature control
  • Outside or room temperature controlled
  • Modulating boiler control
  • Data sheet SR 5810 (PDF)
VS 5500

The VS 5500 heating controller in wall-mounted housing and with external control unit.

VS5500 TEM
  • Outside temperature-compensated heating circuit
  • Domestic hot water circuit
  • Single stage boiler control
  • Data sheet VS 5500 (PDF)
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