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System controllers

With integrated heat management.

The TEM system controllers are multifunctional. Thanks to the extensive basic features, such as buffer storage functions or solar and solid fuel integration, as well as their bus ability, the controllers can be adapted to a wide range of system requirements. The integrated heat management system determines the heat demand of all appliances such as mixed heating circuits and hot water circuits with circulation pump control and determines the required heat output, taking into account any solar energy and buffer storage tank configuration.

The TEM system controllers are equipped with an eBUS communication. For example, to extend the number of heating circuits or to integrate alternative energy sources, up to 8 TEM controllers can be connected via the eBUS. All controllers connected to a system are operated via a central remote control unit.

Predefined hydraulic applications are available in each unit. During installation, only the appropriate hydraulic application has to be selected. This usually eliminates the need for individual adjustment of each parameter and makes set up easy.

The operation is carried out via master remote control unit. The master remote control unit is the central control unit with which all individual functions available in the devices can be programmed and set. For each heating circuit an additional remote control can be installed. An extensive range of accessories such as sensors, remote control with room sensor and eBUS opentherm gateway are available.

Via the cascade function, this heat demand can be allocated to up to 8 heat generators, which can be controlled in stages via slave controllers and modulated via an eBUS opentherm gateway.

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Product brochure TEM system controller (PDF)

System controllers from TEM

SE 63 eco / SE 6304 OGZ

The SE 63 eco is preconfigured and the SE 6304 OGZ can be used individually.

SE 6324 OGZ

The SE 6324 OGZ is multifunctional and also suitable for complex applications.

  • Easily adaptable to the plant situation
  • Up to 7 additional TEM controllers can be connected
  • All parameters can be queried quickly
  • Data sheet SE 6324 OGZ (PDF)
SE 6014 OGZ

The SE 6014 OGZ is multifunctional and ideal for installation in the device.

SE6024 TEM
MB 6102 / MB 6402

The master remote control for programming and operating the SE devices.

MB6100 TEM
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