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Innovative strength with over 50 years of tradition

First-class products and solutions.

TEM looks back on a tradition-rich company history. Since 1967 we have been engaged in the production and distribution of control systems. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of first-class products and solutions in the fields of HVAC, renewable energy, building automation and smart home.

We have our own product lines, but also offer customer-specific solutions. From software or hardware customization to special design requests, you can expect everything from us.

Quality means meeting all the requirements expected from the products. Quality awareness is at the centre of the entire life cycle of our products and is the focus of our business activities. This high standard of quality helps our customers to be successful in their markets.

High quality, flexibility, as well as reliability and innovative spirit are what have distinguished our company since its foundation. Special emphasis is placed on research and development. From the idea to the finished product, TEM develops its own software and hardware and manufactures them using the most modern production methods. This gives our customers the security of always receiving high quality and reliable products.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from which an individual package can be put together to suit the customer. If required, we take over the development, production, logistics, support and offer an after-sales service.

Our expertise is to customize a product from our standard components and tailor it to specific needs.This approach also allows for a clearly estimable, reliable time and financial effort when developing completely new products or system integrations. We also develop and produce assemblies, products and system solutions according to customer requirements as a contract manufacturer. With our EMS Division, with locations in Switzerland and Hungary, we offer electronic manufacturing services. We manufacture and assemble electronics, complete devices and systems.

Exceptional flexibility

We are one of the leading companies in our industry and have played a major role in its development. This was only possible through continuous in-house research and development. We work in a network with manufacturers of HVAC appliances, users of building automation and demanding end customers. Our customers are always our first priority and sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

Most modern technologies

We work at the pulse of the latest technologies. Today, we are in the middle of digitalization and automation, developing advanced technologies, enabling a networked system, improving the connectivity, offering apps and smart sensor technology. With every building block that leaves our house, your home should become more environmentally friendly, cost-saving, comfortable and more secure.

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