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A Swiss company

With long history and tradition.

Since 1967 we have been focusing on control technology and building automation. At that time the company started as a family owned business in the centre of the city of Chur and developed and manufactured control and monitoring devices for oil boilers. The company grew steadily and established itself among boiler manufacturers throughout Europe as a reliable and innovative supplier of electronic heating controllers.

Today the company consists of several locations and employs over 100 people in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary. We offer complete solutions in the field of control technology for HVAC applications, as well as free programmable controllers for intelligent building automation systems and a full range for smart home applications. All products are represented in the market both as proprietary products and as so-called OEM versions.

Another important business of our company is EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service).As a contract manufacturer we produce components, products or system solutions according to customer requirements.

In this chronicle our company history can be found:

Chronik TEM Smart Home

The TEM Group has developed a fully comprehensive smart home system and launched it under the brand myTEMSmartHome.

The myTEM SmartHome solution has some outstanding advantages:

  • Support for on-site commissioning, programming, etc.
  • Easy installation and good expandability
  • Protected privacy when operating without cloud

The myTEM SmartHome System can be controlled and programmed via a simple app or the comprehensive myTEM ProgTool software.

Chronik Elesta Energy Control

The TEM Group takes over Elesta Energy Control AG in Bad Ragaz (CH). With this step the know-how of TEM Group in the area of heat pumps. Complementary products and markets were also incorporated.


TEM acquires ELESTA building automation GmbH in Constance. This expands the product range with Controlesta for the control and regulation of entire buildings. The freely programmable Controlesta series offers a wide range of integration and communication options such as BACnet Ethernet, -IP, -MS/TP and -PTP. Additionally Modbus, M-BUS, Wilo, Grundfos, RCO-C, ASCII, TCP/IP supported.


The TEM systems receive internet connection. This enables the retrieval of data on the operating status from a service centre. From 2010 all TEM devices can be operated via smartphone.


TEM AG offers the market an extensive range of system controllers for the operation of oil, gas, wood and pellet heating systems, heat pumps and solar systems.


The applications are becoming more and more complex and the requirements more and more diverse. TEM AG introduces control devices with bus communication. This allows the products to communicate with each other and the system can now be optimally designed.


The use of microprocessor results in a range of control devices for the control and optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The products of TEM AG are used throughout Europe in the HVAC sector.


Triggered by the oil crisis, TEM AG developed a modular product series for the control and regulation of solar panels, heat pumps and air circulating fireplaces.


After the foundation of the company in 1967, TEM AG produced control and monitoring devices for oil heating boilers. Subsequently the range was extended with control and regulation devices for the entire heating system. The first outdoor temperature and room temperature dependent heating controllers were designed.

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